Welcome to the Australasian Birth Trauma Association

The ABTA is a national charity committed to reducing the incidence and impact of birth-related trauma whilst supporting affected women, families and health professionals.

We do this by providing information, support and advocacy in line with our core values.

You can get support through our Peer2Peer Chat Program or use the links below to guide you to the information you are seeking.

What is Birth Trauma

The delivery of a baby can be a positive experience for many women, but for many, birth can also involve significant physical and/or psychological injuries (birth trauma).

Getting Support

At ABTA we recognise that you have sought us out because something isn’t right. You may be experiencing symptoms of Birth Trauma, we want you to know you are not alone.


Information for parents-to-be, health professionals and FAQ's on births and maternity care during COVID-19.

Physical Birth Trauma

Understanding the types of physical injuries that can occur during birth can help you find the right health professionals to assist in your recovery and manage risk for future births.

Partners & Fathers

Partners and loved ones play a vital supporting role in the lives of women affected by birth trauma and can also be impacted themselves.

Downloadable Guides

This series of downloadable guides provide information, guidance and support to those touched by birth trauma and the people that support them.

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