Birth Trauma Awareness Week

Birth Trauma Awareness Week 2022
17-24th July


Fundraising - Walk n Support 2022

As part of Birth Trauma Awareness Week 2022 we are hosting Walk n Support events across the country. Choose from an organised walk in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, South West Sydney, Canberra and Wagga Wagga at 11am local time on Sunday 24th July. If you can’t make it to an organised event you can still participate, fundraise and walk wherever you are located. With your help we can ensure no family is left feeling alone and unheard after experiencing birth-related trauma.

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Birth Trauma Awareness Week 2022

Theme: Birth injuries

Birth Trauma Awareness Week 2021

Theme: Better Healing

Birth Trauma Awareness Week 2019

Theme: Start the Conversation

Birth Trauma Awareness Week 2018

Theme: Your Story Matters​

For support please join our private Facebook group or you can live chat with an ABTA Peer Mentor online.

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