Birth Trauma Research

As we find interesting and relevant articles related to physical or psychological birth trauma, we will post them here. Where possible, we will post links to free copies of the full articles, however some may be links to abstracts which will require you to purchase the full text.

Table of Contents

Birth After Birth Trauma

Birth Preparation

Birth-related PTSD

Perinatal PTSD International Research Network

Authors: A collection of Research Articles on Perinatal PTSD.

Childbirth and the development of acute trauma symptoms: incidence and contributing factors.

Research Paper: Birth. 2000 Jun;27(2):104-11. doi: 10.1046/j.1523-536x.2000.00104.x.
Authors: D K Creedy 1, I M Shochet, J Horsfall

Birth trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder

Research Paper: MIND MATTERS Vol. 20 No 3 | Spring 2018
Authors: Prof Debra Creedy RN, BA(Hons), MEd, PhD and Prof Jenny Gamble RN, RM, MHealth, PhD

Caesarean Birth

Incidence and severity of chronic pain after caesarean section

Research Paper: European Journal of Anaesthesiology (EJA): November 2016 – Volume 33 – Issue 11 – p 853-865 doi: 10.1097/EJA.0000000000000535
Authors: Weibel, Stephanie; Neubert, Katharina; Jelting, Yvonne; Meissner, Winfried; Wöckel, Achim; Roewer, Norbert; Kranke, et al.,

Predicting operative delivery

Research Paper:
Authors: H. P. Dietz , V. Lanzarone, J. M. Simpson

Fathers and Partners

Be quiet and man up: a qualitative questionnaire study into fathers who witnessed their Partner’s birth trauma

Research Paper:
Authors: Emily Daniels, Emily Arden-Close and Andrew Mayers*

Infant Mental Health

Instrumental Birth

Towards Normal Birth – But at What Cost?

Research Paper: AM J OBSTET GYNECOL 2016; 215 (4): 439–444. DOI: 10.1016/J.AJOG.2016.04.021
Authors: Dietz HP, Campbell S.

Maternal Mental Health

Delivery mode is associated with maternal mental health following childbirth.

Research Paper: Archives of Women’s Mental Health volume 22, pages817–824(2019)
Authors: Sharon Dekel, Tsachi Ein-Dor, Zohar Berman, Ida S. Barsoumian, Sonika Agarwal & Roger K. Pitman

Pelvic floor and Prolapse

Delivery mode and the risk of levator muscle avulsion

Research Paper: International Urogynecology Journal volume 30, pages901–907(2019)
Authors: Talia Friedman, Guy D. Eslick & Hans Peter Dietz

Lifetime Risk of Undergoing Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Research Paper: Obstetrics & Gynecology: November 2010 – Volume 116 – Issue 5 – p 1096-1100 doi: 10.1097/AOG.0b013e3181f73729
Authors: Smith, Fiona J. BHlthSc(Hons); Holman, C. D’Arcy J. MPH, PhD; Moorin, Rachael E. PhD, MMRS; Tsokos, Nicolas MBBS, FRANZCOG,et al.

Maternal Birth Trauma: Why Should it Matter to Urogynaecologists?

Research Paper: CURR OPIN O/G 2016 OCT;28(5):441-8.
Authors: Dietz HP, Wilson PD, Milsom I.

Pelvic Pain and Fractures

Politics of Childbirth

Women and Babies Need Protection From the Dangers of Normal Birth Ideology

Authors: Dietz HP

Maternal Birth Trauma Should be a Key Performance Indicator of Maternity Services

Research Paper: INT UROGYNECOL J (2015) 26:29–32
Authors: Dietz HP, Pardey J, Murray HG

Tears and OASI

Women’s experiences following severe perineal trauma: a qualitative study

Research Paper: BMC Womens Health. 2014; 14: 32.
Authors: Holly Priddis, Virginia Schmied and Hannah Dahlen

Vicarious Trauma

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