Kylie R

Kylie R

I am a wife and mum to three young children, primary school teacher and postnatal fitness instructor.

My first born was delivered via emergency caesarean due to a Frank Breech presentation and spontaneous labour.

My second birth was a successful VBAC, although I suffered physical and emotional trauma as a result of a 4th degree tear, post-partum haemorrhage and 3 hours of emergency surgery.

My third birth was a very healing elective caesarean.

I have suffered several early miscarriages, including a missed miscarriage and a ruptured ectopic pregnancy during my third child’s pregnancy (loss of twin).

I am dedicated to supporting postnatal mothers in their physical and emotional journey to recovery.

Tags: Emergency caesarean, 4th degree tear, post-partum haemorrhage, Surgery, Miscarriage, Ectopic pregnancy
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