Thank you for visiting our volunteer page. At ABTA, volunteers are involved in every bit of work we do and are valuable members of our team. The support of volunteers is vital to our efforts to improve the prevention and treatment of birth trauma.

The roles available vary widely and you can choose one that suits your interests and skill set. Volunteers can contribute as little or as much as they like. Some of the roles volunteers at ABTA include:

  • Peer mentoring of those impacted by birth trauma
  • Accounting
  • Grant writing
  • Public relations
  • Fundraising events coordination
  • Film making
  • Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Facebook Group Administration
  • Consumer representation and advocacy
  • Proof reading
Volunteering is a positive way to support ABTA’s work and people affected by birth-related trauma.
Volunteers group photo
Volunteers group photo
Enthusiasm and a desire to help are the only qualifications you need.

Volunteering provides opportunities to:

  • make a difference
  • share skills and experience
  • learn new skills
  • gain valuable work experience
  • meet people and make new friends
  • increase your confidence and self-esteem
ABTA is a member of Volunteering Queensland

If you’d like to volunteer, complete the following form;

Donate via PAYPAL Today

Visit our Paypal donation page to give a one-off donation. Donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt for your as soon as it is processed.

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