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Birth Trauma - Help and Support

Where to start

Seeking help is the first step towards being kind to yourself. Too often, when you say that something feels wrong, such feelings are dismissed as normal. However, if your symptoms persist, they are unlikely to resolve without help.

The longer you delay seeking support and help, the more stress you place on yourself, your relationship and on others around you.

For assistance with your journey, you may wish to view the following pages

What Is Birth Trauma?

The delivery of a baby can be a positive experience for some women, but for others it can be very negative, resulting in physical and/or psychological injuries (trauma).

Getting Support

At ABTA we recognise that you have sought us out because something isn’t right. You may be experiencing symptoms of Birth Trauma, we want you to know you are not alone.

Common Physical Trauma

Physical trauma may or may not be identified immediately. Indeed, you may be the first to notice something isn’t right. Find out more about types of physical trauma here.

Helplines and Referral

There are a range of agencies who provide free telephone support, information resources and services to assist you to access further information, support and care.

Peer2Peer Support

Reaching out to another person who has been through what you have experienced has proven to be an excellent way to assist with understanding your own personal experience.

Birth Stories

Read the personal stories by women and men affected by birth trauma. These have been shared in the hope that it makes others in a similar situation feel that they are not alone.

Partners And Fathers

Partners and loved ones play a vital supporting role in the lives of women by postnatal psychological and physical distress, as well as taking care of themselves.

Recommended Reading

Amy and Jennifer have put together a few books that may be of interest, highlighting the complexities of prolapse, pelvic floor essentials and the bare truth of Motherhood.

Medicolegal Issues

Birth management is complex and the risks associated with child birth are now being divulged to women prior to birth ensuring you make the right choices for your situation.