Peer2Peer Meets Support Groups

What are P2P Meets support groups?

P2P Meets is a peer-led & trauma-informed, 7 week program that provides parents who have experienced birth-related trauma with the opportunity to understand and explore their trauma in a supported way and importantly to help them connect with a peer group and develop their own plan for moving forward on their trauma journey.

Key objectives of the program are:

·       To provide recognition to participants they are not alone (sense of belonging)

·       To validate felt trauma: whatever that trauma looks like (feeling understood)

·       To raise awareness and normalise that fact that it is okay not to be okay

·       Create new social supports

·       Provide access to care pathways

·       Assist participants to develop a path forward


The P2P Meets program was developed in response to feedback from the ABTA community. 

A need for the program is further demonstrated by the fact that one in three women identify their birth as traumatic[1], making physical and psychological birth trauma a major health issue in the community. Our members also report that parents who have a lived experience of birth trauma have a unique set of needs that are often not met by traditional mother’s groups/parenting groups.


The P2P Meets program is delivered to a group of 6-10 participants in 7 sessions. There is one session per week over seven weeks. The following topics provide the foundational content for the course however we recognise the importance of facilitating peer-lead discussion on topics relevant to each group and as such this program is flexible. 


Week 1 – Laying the Foundations (Setting of Group Guidelines, Telling our stories) 

Week 2 – What trauma looks like & Riding the Birth Trauma Rollercoaster

Week 3 – Playful and Connected Parenting

Week 4 – Friends, Family and Trauma

Week 5 – Exploring a Birth Debrief

Week 6 – Building your Village & Creating your Collaborative Health Team

Week 7 – Retelling our stories and where to from here


Facilitators of the program have a lived experience of birth-related trauma and undertake ABTA’s 4 Module peer mentor training program as well as a half day P2P Meets training workshop. The mentor training is facilitated by ABTA staff with relevant sections presented by a psychiatrist or psychologist, pelvic health physiotherapist and social worker.

P2P Meets


We invite those of you with a personal experience of birth trauma to share your story. We want you to know that you are not alone and by sharing your birth story, you are in turn saying to another woman that you are not alone. We encourage you to find your brave and #breakthesilence

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Our groups are offered online and in-person. Online sessions are 1.5 hours. In-person session are 2 hours. 

Children are most welcome at our in-person sessions. 

Programs are run periodically and advertised via our social media channels. You can via upcoming programs on our Event Calendar. 

Registration is free. 

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from both men and women about becoming a Peer2Peer Mentor. Simply apply online using our online application form.

Mentor Applications

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from men and women wishing to be peer support volunteers with the ABTA. Training and ongoing support are provided and your time commitment is very flexible so you can honour your family, work and leisure commitments.

Other options for support

Women are welcome to join our Facebook Group – Australasian Birth Trauma Support to connect with other mothers and ask questions about trauma recovery.

Our Support Services Page contains information on other support services that may be useful.